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Virginia Ed Research Outpost

Think Tank Hangout - Virginia Ed Computer Club

De Landria Isla

A Serene Island surrounded by mist. Natural lighting, campfire circles, presentation tools. Come to relax, hold a small group meeting, listen to peaceful music as you chat in text or voice.


Open Virtual Collaboration Environment




Loft conversion with fixie leaning nonchalantly against the wall

WetFm Club

No description.

Space City

Gerry Anderson's Black Rock Laboratory and Supercar. Space City and Fireball XL5. Marineville and Stingray. Thunderbirds and Space:1999. Models by Gerry Anderson Model Makers Alliance (GAMMA).

Spiral's Fractal Art

*The First Art Galleries in Sinespace* A quiet, relaxing region and a nice place to just chill out. Visit my fractal and digital art galleries displaying my award-winning original art.


Come to a trip ...... in a post apocaliptic town ....

Oil Rig

RGU Oil Rig with 4 hour day/night cycle. 3D mesh models by Colin Hetherington, Robert Gordons University Oil and Gas Centre, Aberdeen. OpenSim OAR conversion and Unity builds by Ai Austin.


Virtual University of Edinburgh


It's all gone terribly sideways

Tropical Island

A tropical beach to explore!

Black Rock Desert

The Black Rock desert simulation project by Trilo Byte of Eridu Society.

Desert race track

A race track in the desert

Country Cabin Zadaroo

Created in Second Life, imported from free OAR File created by Zadaroo

Modern House

A home for all soon ...

GuitaraHalla in 50s

Black and white version of GuitaraHalla, for people who love black and white movies.

Drax Files

the drax files radio hour: space edition

VRT Book Fair

Welcome to the virtual exhibition hall of the 2017 VRT Book Fair

Storybuilds Alchemy Lab

Workshop and Gallery Cinematic Laboratory "Once a little girl who longed to build an alchemy lab..."


Mirage Shop Template.


Alice and the Red Queen

Bear Island

No description.


This aint the Le Brea Tar Pits!!

sinespace learning

sinespace learning


This is a tropical environment originally created by Linda Kellie and provided as open source as an OAR on


Find the artifacts and learn the secrets of this elite society as you uncover the conspiracy and weave your way through this ancient town.

Salvador Asylum

Salvador Asylum Visitor Center Charles Salvador, Ronald and Reginald Kray, the "Tash", and the "Great Eggscape" Project approved by Charles Salvador for the Charles Salvador Art Foundation
Only in sinespace!

All these regions has been built using our creator tools, anyone can get started and build new experiences and regions today! If you want to check it out (as either a creator or a visitor), signing up is free, and we have a fantastic set of virtual world developer tools to play with!