Developers, Level Designers
and 3D Artists WANTED



ERIK WOLPAW (Half-Life 2, Portal 1 & 2, Team Fortress 2)


Sinespace, the massively multi-creator open world for game developers and official Unity Asset Store partner, is now seeking indie game developers, level designers, and 3D modelers to create first-person shooter maps with Build Kill Repeat (BKR), our open source combat sytsem -- and we’re paying $5000.

What you get

If your entry is chosen, you will receive:

  • $5000 USD honorarium
  • Daily technical support from Sinespace development staff
  • Promotion of your content on our social media channels and in future media coverage.
  • Right to sell add-ons to your content in the Sinespace marketplace to the 50,000+ players in Sinespace’s public beta. (Top creators already make hundreds of dollars a month this way!)
  • Right to own and independently publish a variation of your Sinespace game on Sinespace or other platforms after May 2020.


Build Kill Repeat (BKR) is Sinespace’s open source FPS combat system with completely customizable components including: Safe zone lobby, spawn points for players and NPCs, Gun/Health/Ammo givers, traps, player quests, and King of the Hill game template.

We are looking for custom-made maps with unique gameplay, impressive level design, and inventive use of Sinespace features. Examples:

  • Maps with visual styles markedly different from BKR defaults maps
  • Maps incorporating unique physics (low gravity, jetpacks, etc).
  • Maps with gameplay-enhancing layout or story elements.
  • Maps using Archimatix, dynamically customizable 3D models (see below under “Features”)

Find out more about developing BKR maps in our YouTube tutorial and on our wiki page.


If you have a great idea for a new BKR map, create a free Sinespace account, explore the world, see what’s out there, and join our Discord to further discuss the possibilities. Then:

  • Upload your ready-to-play map to Sinespace by end of April 22 (PST).
  • E-mail us at with “BKR contest” in the subject line -- tell us your Sinespace username, the name of your map, and include a short description of the gameplay and its special features.
  • Optional: Include 3-5 screenshots of your favorite map elements and/or 60-90 seconds of gameplay.
  • Sinespace staff may request changes to your map to improve gameplay or usability between April 23rd and April 28th before submitting for final judgement.

See additional guidelines below!

Sinespace Features Include

Racing Game Framework: Fully modifiable race track system with start and finish line, waypoints; basic scoring system for multiple racers, fully operational, physics-enabled vehicles and racing environments of all variety using the latest Unity physics.

Integrate 3D Models from Top Unity Asset Store Brands: Developers can license 3D models from our official Unity Asset Store partners Dexsoft, Gaia, and award-winning parametric modeler Archimatix, then integrate this content into their Sinespace-based games and apps.

Build once, run anywhere: Scenes instantly and automatically optimized to run on Mac, Linux and Windows, along with WebGL, Oculus, Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality. (iOS, Android, and consoles in pipeline.) All games created in Sinespace are fully compatible with Unity, so developers can easily port them as standalone games to iOS, Android, PC/Mac, and consoles.

Powerful Storytelling Tools: Powerful quest, levels, and storytelling system allowing you to build cutscenes, quests and more.

Real Scripting Languages: Write scripts in Lua or C# (coming soon), using a sensible, powerful API designed to enable what you actually want to do.

High local concurrency: Supports 100+ users at 60 FPS in a single contiguous space.

Multiplayer game development toolkit: User profiles, characters, and inventories, private player homes, extensive character customization tools, gestures, power-ups, NPCs, weapons, vehicles, pets, VOIP, chat, in-game email, comprehensive support and modding tools.

IP protection: Manual review team constantly monitoring the store for pirated material.

Built-in monetization: IAP sales through App Store-like revenue share; in-game marketplace to sell your content to all Sinespace players. (See revenue stats below.)

Visit our developer portal for more details

Sinespace User Metrics

As of February 2019:

  • 50,000+ users
  • 22% of new users are retained beyond their first 30 days
  • Average session time: 47 minutes
  • Average daily session time for returning users: 129 minutes a day
  • 3% of Sinespace’s active users are spending users
  • ARPPU of about $20/month
  • Over 2,500 virtual goods are on sale in the Sinespace market.
  • Top third party developers are already cashing out hundreds of US dollars a month from the Sinespace marketplace.

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Sinespace is a massively multi-creator open world platform for everyone -- from gamers who want to play, socialize, and create, to game developers and organizations which want to rapidly develop and publish secure, feature-rich, monetizable social applications with industry standard tools. Sinespace is published by Sine Wave Entertainment, backed by Sussex Place Ventures and Au Capital, and advised by Peter Norris, current chairman of Virgin Group. Sine Wave is based in London with satellite offices in Sydney, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. Follow us on Twitter @sinewavespace, and join our Discord server for developers. Download Sinespace for free at


The content must be built for the Sinespace platform using the Sinespace editor pack, Lua, and Unity. By submitting an entry, you affirm that your submission is completely original to you, and does not include any “ripped” 3D content. Once accepted by Sinespace, Sine Wave Entertainment will retain the rights to use your game and its components in perpetuity in Sinespace. (After May 2020, you will have the right to publish the game and its components on other platforms and/or sell it to other parties.)