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Presenter Lite

Same as the other presenter, but without decorative meshes for the screen and podium

Presentation System

Presenter Podium and Presentation Screen

Flat Screen TV

NOTE: This item is 'spawned' rather than placed using the furniture system. Blank flat screen tv.

Optima TV trolley (TV - Unit)

Introducing Optima TV trolley for Plasma, LCD and LED TVs which are sleek ,elegant and contemporary It is bold by design, superior in Finish.

Ohio (TV - Unit)

A tall and sleek unit It has round, smooth edges and tempered glass which gives it a touch of sophistication Adequately endowed to easily accommodate a 29??TV, It has been built completely from fine quality particle board making it both spacious and sturdy.

Minimax vertical (TV - Unit)

Sleek spacious this TV unit has a very intelligent combination of opne and closed spaces.

Aura TV trolley (TV - Unit)

Minimalistic and yet elegant, this TV trolley adds to the calm look of the room.

Aura wall unit (TV - Unit)

A wall unit which is designed to have place for every storage need. It has a perfect blend of both display space as well as storage. The lovely wood finish just adds to the aesthetics.
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