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381 Pro Style Radio MP3 and OG

Add Music to your home or club. Place the mixer. Then just click and paste a valid MP3 stream URL and then press the Ok button.

381 Radio MP3 Changer

Scripted MP3 Radio Stream Changer. Swap your MP3 music URL when ever you want. Stores last 5 played URL's and with favorites.

Madge's Cappucino Pot

Madge's Cappucino Pot could be used for making coffee, hot chocolate or tea too.

NuklearRadio (Furniture)

Interactive streaming radio presents HUD when clicked that allows the user to start, stop, and set the stream, and switch modes between regional (music 'on the land') or local, which is spatialized to a 20m radius of the device. Note: you will likely need to toggle the music audio on the Sine.Space client when changing streams. More improvements to come!

Abstract Painting 2

an original pieces of abstract artwork

Abstract Painting 3

an original pieces of abstract artwork

Abstract Painting 1

an original pieces of abstract artwork

Sinespace pavilion

Sinespace pavilion
Just some of many virtual goods in sinespace!

You can create and obtain items like this as part of our community. If you want to check it out, signing up is free, and we have a fantastic set of virtual world developer tools to play with!