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Madge's Cappucino Pot

Madge's Cappucino Pot could be used for making coffee, hot chocolate or tea too.

Fridge Type 5

No description.

381 / TWI Attachable Radio

381/TWI Attachable Radio

Beer Taps

- Beer Taps - Perfect for any Pub, Bar or Club.

Campfire 1

Campfire, smoke, sound, sparks, coals, an rock ring Scale Allowed

Inca Gold Vase Tip Jar

Inca Gold Vase Tip Jar Spawn Object

Inca Gold Vase Tip Jar Object

Inca Gold Vase Tip Jar Object Item. permanent placement for your region, edit item Money sent to Curator Account under Tips, you need this account to recieve money Scale Allowed

Table and Seating

- Table and Seating - Old wood pub seating includes: Old wood bench and stool with red leather seating and sit animations plus old wood table. Perect for any old tavern, Pub or Club.
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