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The world is your canvas

A virtual world with cutting edge

Build Experiences

Design and build full mini-games, experiences, and items that end users can visit and spend money on. We've focused on letting you make a wide variety of content quickly and easily.

space lets you build, advertise and monetize everything from custom clothing to events.

Powered by Unity

space uses the latest versions of the Unity Game Engine for rendering content, handling physics and many other key features. We're always up to date with the latest industry features. Our renderer currently handles everything from real-time reflective surfaces, to high quality Physically Based Rendering workflows.

Your content will never look better in another virtual world than it can in space.

Battle Tested

Originally, we built space for our own projects. Since 2008, the underlying platform technology has been in deployments with millions of users, often built on incredibly short deadlines.

Our tools had to be efficient, fast and easy to work with; and they had to be robust when the users arrived. Now, you get to work with them - battle tested and ready to go.

Lots, and lots of features

We regularly update space, every monthly release we do adds a major feature or two to the works.

Our last few feature releases have included; fully custom skeleton support for avatars, new MMO-style Quest Designer tools, Lua scripting; along with a wide host of minor features. If there's a feature you want, let us know.

We're here to support you!

space is a labor of love for us - it's our baby, and we want to make sure you love it too. If you've run into problems, we provide nearly 24/7 real-time support for creators through our chat groups, forums - you can also email our developers directly.

We publish what we're working on - go ahead and take a look at our roadmap.

Marketplace & IP Policies

If you make content in space, you can sell it directly to end users through our built-in marketplaces. Additionally, we have robust intellectual property policies designed to protect your copyrights from pirates and content rippers.

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