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Sinespace, the full-featured multi-user publishing platform and Unity Asset Store partner (recently featured in Fast Company, VentureBeat, 80 Level, and UploadVR), is now looking for 3D artists, scripters, and game developers to unleash their creativity and become content creators in our Fellowship program!

What we are looking for

We want talented creators who can build cool and exciting interactive content that Sinespace users can play and enjoy -- and inspire them to customize on top of what you create. Examples:

  • Mini-games or casual games
  • Interactive and/or customizable 3D models and environments
  • Game systems or maps for RPG, racing, etc.
  • Interactive building block scripts (working buttons, levers, engines, etc.)
  • A music visualization tool for use during live performance streams, dance clubs, and other social events.
  • Very casual, easy to play “icebreaker” social games with an element of silly fun.
  • Colorful, interactive mini-experiences or social games for first-time Sinespace users.
  • Room templates – Make a template to suit any theme e.g Sci-fi
  • Clothing


If your entry is chosen, you will receive:

  • $5000 USD honorarium
  • Daily technical support from Sinespace development staff
  • Promotion of your content on our social media channels and in future media coverage.
  • Right to sell add-ons to your content in the Sinespace marketplace to the 50,000+ players in Sinespace’s public beta. (Top creators already make hundreds of dollars a month this way!)
  • Right to own and independently publish a variation of your Sinespace game on Sinespace or other platforms after May 2020.

How To Apply

If you have a great idea for Sinespace content, create a free Creator account and apply!

Additional Guidelines and Rules

Your final content must be built for the Sinespace platform using the Sinespace editor pack, Lua, and Unity. By submitting an entry, you affirm that your submission is completely original to you and does not include any “ripped” 3D content by third parties. Once accepted by Sinespace, Sine Wave Entertainment will retain the rights to use your game and its components in perpetuity in Sinespace. After 2020, you will have the right to publish the game and its components on other platforms and/or sell it to other parties.