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FPS Map Design Contest For Build Kill Repeat!

Winning Entries Get $5000

What we are looking for

Build Kill Repeat (BKR) is Sinespace’s open source FPS combat system with completely customizable components including: Safe zone lobby, spawn points for players and NPCs, Gun/Health/Ammo givers, traps, player quests, and King of the Hill game template.

We are looking for custom-made maps that are unique, competitive and fun to play!

  • Maps with visual styles markedly different from BKR defaults maps
  • Maps incorporating unique physics (low gravity, jetpacks, etc).
  • Maps with gameplay-enhancing layout or story elements.

Contest Rewards

If your entry is chosen, you will receive:

  • $5000 USD honorarium
  • Daily technical support from Sinespace development staff
  • Promotion of your content on our social media channels and in future media coverage.
  • Right to sell add-ons to your content in the Sinespace marketplace to the 50,000+ players in Sinespace’s public beta. (Top creators already make hundreds of dollars a month this way!)
  • Right to own and independently publish a variation of your Sinespace game on Sinespace or other platforms after May 2020.

How To Apply

To enter this contest, please fill in a form below:

Milestone Award Winners

There is still time to apply to the final submission competiton worth $5000!


Winning $500

Zachary Vallejos

Winning $250

Read more here

The winner will be chosen between
June 3rd and June 7th

The contest judge will be:

Erik Wolpaw
(Half-Life 2, Portal 1 & 2, Team Fortress 2)

Tutorials And Walkthroughs For Map Design

For any support, join our Discord Channel then click on #bkr-competition.

See our video tutorials on map design:

Go to our FPS wiki page for more in depth information.

Additional Guidelines and Rules

The content must be built for the Sinespace platform using the Sinespace editor pack, Lua, and Unity. By submitting an entry, you affirm that your submission is completely original to you, and does not include any “ripped” 3D content. Once accepted by Sinespace, Sine Wave Entertainment will retain the rights to use your game and its components in perpetuity in Sinespace. (After May 2020, you will have the right to publish the game and its components on other platforms and/or sell it to other parties.)