V Dance Ball

by voidtech
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Furniture > Others Unisex 7.18mb

The V Dance Ball is a must-have item for your region. It allows your visitors to choose between 20 dances to enjoy their time at your place. It also has an eye catching appearance to add to the awesomeness of your place. Features: - FREE lifetime updates: Whenever new dances or optimizations are available, they will be automatically uploaded and added to your V Dance Ball, and you do not need to purchase anything again. - Never reset again (beta): The V Dance Ball automatically makes sure people using other viewers, new visitors or people who disconnected are seeing you dance. - It's made from true reflective material which means it will absorb the colors from it's surrounding and fit in any place or settings you put it in. - You can place it anywhere and also resize it - You don't need to be on a leash and keep looking for the V Dance Ball and constantly rotate your camera to be able to ance. After clicking the V Dance Ball once it will attach a dance HUD to your screen. We respect your screen space which is why you can click the minimize button (left arrow) to minimize the menu, you can click it again (right arrow) to expand it. You can also click the V Dance Ball again to remove the dance HUD.

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