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Uncanny Consuls - Grazeradiant

A Grazerazor that has fully succumbed to madness and bathed in the glowing green light of insanity. It is, however, mostly harmless.

Uncanny Consuls - Grazerazor

A strong-willed hybrid of flesh and machine, the Grazerazor comes from a dimension where technology has advanced to the point where it's considered weakness to have all of your original parts. It has difficulty staying still for very long. Highly sensitive and unused to our realm, it is unusually prone to Tera-Sickness and fits of unbridled madness. It is, however, mostly harmless.

kawaii rainbow unicorn

This kawaii rainbow unicorn's multicoloured goodness will melt your heart

cute panda

Just a bundle of cuteness !!!

crazy bunny

he may look cute but you might want to get away from that cleaver !

Chibi girl

This chibi girl is sooo cute and will also defend you from the dark forces

Pet Imp - Purpleish

A purpleish imp thing.

Pet Imp - Blue

A blue imp thing.
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