HD Graphics

We're built on a industry-leading game engine. We've got high quality graphics support out of the box; and we're constantly evolving our capabilities to support better and better quality content all the time.
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High Framerates in Crowds

We've worked on an efficient avatar rendering technology which allows many complex avatars to be seen in tight confined spaces before you experience crowds.

Social events no longer suffer from poor experiences as more people arrive - our renderer can maintain a crisp 60fps with over 100 avatars in a scene.
Learn more about our crowd rendering technology.

Build once, run anywhere

We're built on a base that targets over 18 seperate platforms - and we're supporting many of these. We have desktop clients for Mac, Linux and Windows; we're currently testing iOS and Android mobile clients - and we have the ability to embed your regions directly on webpages through WebGL.
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Real Scripting Languages

Write scripts in Lua - the most popular game scripting language; or C# (coming soon) - using a sensible, powerful API that is designed to enable what you actually want to do.

Read more about scripting here.

Powerful Storytelling Tools

Whether you're doing role-playing, RPG or just training applications, we have a powerful quest and storytelling system allowing you to build cutscenes, quests and more.

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