Information Security Policy

Sine Wave Entertainment Ltd in conjunction with its subsidiaries is committed to providing the highest levels of information security by implementing and maintaining an information security management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001.

In particular, the company is committed to protecting information assets relating to the design, build, and operation of immersive virtual environments for the public and private sectors.

The Board of Directors and Managers of Sine Wave Entertainment are committed to:

  • safeguarding confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all clients, suppliers, and Sine Wave Entertainment Information,

  • satisfying statutory, regulatory, and other requirements applicable to information security,

  • understanding business information security requirements and the need to establish policies and objectives,

  • implementing and operating controls to manage our overall business risk,

  • collaborating closely with customers and suppliers to deliver products and services in a secure environment.

  • monitoring and reviewing the performance and effectiveness of the information security management system,

  • continually improving the information security management system,

  • training and supporting employees to understand their roles and responsibilities regarding information security.

To deliver on these commitments, Sine Wave Entertainment have established information security objectives which will be achieved through planning, investment of resources, and continuous monitoring.

This policy statement is made available to all interested parties.