Protecting your content

Authentic content, strong IP enforcement, non-anonymous creators and content review.

IP Protection

We know that technical enforcement of copyright infringement is a fools errand - any purely technical copy protection scheme can be defeated. That's why space uses social and legal means to combat piracy.

We take an active involvement in content on our platform - starting with content review, through to requiring creators sign agreements before cashing out, to review delays on payouts - to allow us to act on pirated content before the infringer has profited.

Single Content Takedown

The space content model allows us to selectively remove content from the service in aggregate. If someone uploads a pirated product, we can remove all copies of the item in a single takedown.

Content Review

Content in space is reviewed by our team of reviewers - and we have a personal relationship with our creators. If someone tries to upload duplicate content, we have systems and processes in place to catch and reject these uploads.

Waiting Periods

Creators are subject to minimum waiting periods on cashouts, which allow time for infringed content to be caught and examined - if the infringer is caught during this period, we can invalidate their purchases and refund all users. The infringer won't profit from their activities.