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The all-in-one world building platform.

All the tools you need

We know that creators want to build different things, that’s why we have all the tools you need to make in-world multi-player games, character customization items, vehicles and social regions in our SDK.

A powerful engine

Sinespace is powered by Unity Editor, making it the most powerful world building platform, ever. Design and build using everything you’re used to and assemble it together in Unity to upload via our SDK.

Ready-made components

Find hundreds of built in components for creating multiplayer games, social regions, vehicles, costumes, character customization items and so much more in our SDK and marketplace.

Create once, publish everywhere

Sinespace has multi-platform support; it works on Windows, Mac, Linux, VR headsets and WebGL. For every piece of content you upload, there is an option in our SDK to optimize it for each platform.


As a creator, you can earn money by selling your content for premium currency through our marketplace. The money you earn from these sales can be cashed out to your bank account.

Public and private servers

We operate public servers where you can upload and sell content and games and you can join a creative community of developers and end users all building content together. With our white label packages, you can set up your own servers and build your own standalone projects with your own branded viewers and your own authentication for your users.

24/7 Support

Sinespace is a labor of love for us - it's our baby, and we want to make sure you love it too. If you've run into problems, we provide nearly 24/7 real-time support for creators through our chat groups, forums - you can also email our developers directly. We publish what we're working on - go ahead and look at our roadmap.

Marketing and IP Policies

If you make content in Sinespace, you can sell it directly to end users through our built-in marketplaces. Additionally, we have robust intellectual property policies designed to protect your copyrights from pirates and content rippers.

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