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Uncanny Consuls - Samiley

Born inside a star in one of the oldest realms, this friendly creature offers his help freely to all, in order to raise awareness of the other Uncanny Consuls. Samiley hopes to one day work side by side with his friends.

Pet Jack'o'Lantern - Brown

Jack the Lantern, Brown.

Pet Jack'o'Lantern - Green

Jack the Lantern, Greenish.

381 Zombie Pet

Zombie pet to eat your brians.

Rockle Portable

Let's rock! This version of Rockle Pettingworth can be plopped down anywhere items can be spawned. Going to a party? Every party is better once Rockle enters the scene! Going swimming? Rocks can't swim, but he's there to support you. You'll rarely find a better inanimate friend! (Does not move)

Uncanny Consuls - SeeCrystal

The first in the Uncanny Consuls line of pets, SeeCrystal! This pet will float alongside you and dance and slap the air wildly! Made of living crystals from an otherworldly cursed seafloor, SeeCrystal sees all and slaps all. It's here to protect you on behalf of it's world!

NORA Spawnable

Nova. Originalis. Robot. Assistant. Spawnable version

Uncanny Consuls - Grazeradiant

A Grazerazor that has fully succumbed to madness and bathed in the glowing green light of insanity. It is, however, mostly harmless.
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