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Daffodil (Bed)

A double bed set with a curvature in the cushioned headboard which adds life to the room. It comes with a hydraulic mechanism for understorage. Its corners come with an element of aluminium having no sharp edges.

Cradle Type 3

No description.

[TC] Noir - Queen Bed

Disclaimer: Noir is a limited release item, that is only available for a select period of time, for Gold only. These items are NOT guaranteed to be resold after the time period ends. This is done to increase the value for owners. Introducing the brand new line from TsuraCorp, this stunning work of man has been designed to give a sleek and sophisticated appeal to those seeking comfort, without sacrificing beauty. Noir, by TsuraCorp. Darkness has never looked so beautiful.

Fiona (Bed)

Double bed made with steel, has 2 understorage units Fiona a fall steel bedroom set perfectly co-ordinated with its versatile range of slimline cupboards. Consisting of double bed in King and Queen size with side tables and dressing table, which can be owned as individual piece or a complet set. A perfect combination of comfort and utlity. The fascinating FIONA set dispay here will be surely add glamour to your bedroom Knock down construction flexibility, convenience and easy to transport PVC wood finish Durable

Tulip (Bed)

Double bed, with interchangeable headboard cushion fabrics. It has an understorage with hydraulic mechanism. The structure is such that it gives a feel of floating bed

Bunk Bed Type 4

No description.

Long Bed Type 1

No description.

Long Bed Type 5

No description.
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