A Built-in Storefront

The space marketplace lets users buy everything in space from one convenient location

Great for users, great for merchants

We have a single trusted marketplace which provides a consistent selling experience for users - no confusion with different vending machines, and an easy trusted system that users can rely upon. We handle all customer support for purchasing issues.

The storefront includes previewing functionalities, as well as the ability to group variations together (for example different colors). Purchasing is a quick and easy process.

Revenue share

Our revenue split is 70% to you, 30% to space. Revenue is split after third party costs (transaction costs, affiliate fees, etc.). There are no monthly account fees required to sell content in space, and no other costs to act as a merchant (such as upload or review fees).

We pay out to you directly in USD - no messing with third party exchanges or virtual currencies; users buy your content with our space Gold credits, and we pay you in USD.

Avatar Inspector

Clicking on an avatar will let you see what they're wearing - who made it, and the ability to see their shopfront and even buy the item. Let your items speak for themselves - it's easy for people to find and share popular fashions in space.

Our goals are aligned with yours

space doesn't charge much for land or other features. Our goals are for you to sell as much content as possible, so your success is tied to our success. We only succeed when you succeed. We're around and provide support direct to creators on how to get your content looking (and selling) its best.

market place
market place
market place