Trusted Scripting Model

Instead of trying to work out what you can't do - our scripting model is built around what you can do. Because of our centralized and reviewed environment - harassment tools can be shut down far easier; so we can afford to give you greater control over your environments.

All our scripts have full access to the scene scope - get information and manipulate every object, avatar and item in the scene - have access to the users inventory and more.

Comprehensive API

We're built on a solid foundation - we have thousands of API functions available to wrap in the Unity Engine, along with all the functions we've added for space-specific functions.

Our initial API release already includes more functions, methods and properties than all of our active competitors; and we're adding hundreds every month.

We've already added hundreds of functions ranging from physics to rendering to navigation & pathfinding. Anything you could need to build games, experiences and applications is either in place, or coming soon.

Real Programming Languages

We use a pair of programming languages for our scripting - and you can work in either. We have cross-platform safe Lua, which run on any of our destination platforms.

No made-up scripting languages, use your favorite IDE to write your code in proven and battle tested programming languages.