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These scenes have been picked by Sine Wave staff to showcase and exhibit something cool in the sinespace platform!

Welcome Centre

Welcome to sinespace, a virtual world built for creators by creators! To explore other worlds click on the "explore" button.

BKR - Lowpolia Downtown Public

Downtown Lowpolia playable map

BKR - The Lowpolia Arena Public

Playable FPS map. Part of the Build, Kill, Repeat game.

Lowpolia Highlands Public

Lowpolia Highlands

Graves Disease

A wasteland

Manga Aiport

Manga Aiport FPS playable map

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Dessert Track

Games for Racers! Grab a Vehicle and have fun! Shamrock Race is LIVE!!! Collect the shamrocks!



Eros Blue Lagoon

Come relax and enjoy the tranquility of the Blue Lagoon. Karaoke Friday nights at 5PM Eastern time.

Dustvale Settlement

Dustvale Settlement

Winter Lake with Cottage

Region with lofted cottage, fireplace, two campfires, frozen lake, and numerous walking trails. Two floors for room editing. Bring your skates, sit by the campfires, walk the trails. Invite your frie

Nature Quest

ECHRINA needs your help to stay alive. Explore and interact with others as you learn about plants and what it takes to make them grow and blossom!
Only in sinespace!

All these regions has been built using our creator tools, anyone can get started and build new experiences and regions today! If you want to check it out (as either a creator or a visitor), signing up is free, and we have a fantastic set of virtual world developer tools to play with!