Dark Forest

by Trilo Byte Design
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Region > Landscapes Unisex 309.57mb

Dark Forest Of Northmore. Home sweet home for any wizard or witch! Use as a home or setting for fantasy and role-playing adventures or first person shooter fun. The large 600 meter x 600 meter region features lantern posts and thick fog that the region owner can enable or disable, adjustable moonlight brightness, multiple arrival points (which can be great if you intend on using the region for a first person shooter), a creek running through the forest, a cave network, subterranean lava river, crows in the skies and a black cat in the woods near the cave entrance, SineSpace room editor support, underground chambers to explore (or furnish using the room editor), several clearings where you can place your own buildings or shooter game components and spawners, and a giant stone spider looming over the terrain. The forest itself features 7 custom designed trees in 3 different species and 3 different types of bushes, steep inclines and cliffs. User-enabled mandible fire on the stone spider coming in SineSpace 2019.2 and above!

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