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Leather dress

Leather minidress

Bodysuit Skeleton Costume

In the spirit of Halloween, a costume has been born! The traditional costume, the silly full-body skeleton costume is a thing now! Now you can shamelessly be a Spooky Scary Skeleton.

Catholic Priest Costume

A classic of sorts, and right around Halloween. It can be worn year round if you do so feel. be the representation you feel you should be! Be strict, be kind, be a priest! Contact Lexii Lenoire inworld if there be any issues, or find my page on facebook, "Owl Seven" :

Summer Dress

A summer dress to wear while exploring SineSpace. Has physics enabled around the skirt-tail so may be skin poking thru during movement. Try preview before purchasing. From B.Rene Gade Fashions and Accessories.

Simple Halter Dress

A beautiful Halter Dress. Simple, classy, elegant, modest, and sleek, this classy little dress can be worn everywhere at any time for almost any occassion. Wear it to work, to school, at home, out on the town, anywhere your heart goes this smooth dress will flow right along with you and your every move! Many colorful variations available, finally!

Strapless Dress w/ Ruffles

A strapless dress with a little bit of fun added on, a band of ruffles to change this dress into a unique halter in a style like none other seen before, almost like a runway project's results! Now with many colors!

Simple Strapless Dress

A simple little dress to suit your various needs when it comes to wardrobe building. Versatile, smooth, and sleek with the carefree art of having no sleeves or straps to hold you down, because the simple things in life make a big difference! Many variations available now!


Cindy night dress - Ratings are not mandatory, but highly appreciated!
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