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Ladies Bangles Left

Flashy bangles on your left arm to accessorize your outfits that you love wearing while exploring. dancing and hanging out in SineSpace. Designed fitting default female. B.Rene Gade Fashions and Accessories.

Wedding Band F

Gold Wedding Band for Ladies

Wedding Band

Wedding Band for Men

Tri Hoop Earrings

Large retro three hoop earrings with oval stud. Shiny hoops in various colors that fit SS default model. Fun to wear with updo hairstyles and even peeks out with fuller styles. B.Rene Gade Fashions and Accessories.

Navel Pierce Jewelry

Shiny and decorative navel piercing stud to wear, especially with you 'tummy out' fashions. Fits the default avatar and comes in various styles to match your many Sinespace outfits. B.Rene Gade Fashions and Accessories.

Mens Bracelet

A classy metallic bracelet for the gentleman who wants to add a little pizzazz to his SineSpace outfits. B.Rene Gade Fashions and Accessories.


Liberty unisex septum piercing attachement - Ratings not mandatory, but highly appreciated!

Solid Sun Earrings

Acessories are most certainly a thing to adore. Earrings go well with nearly any outfit. Here are some earrings, in the shape of solid suns, to enjoy with multiple colors to choose from! Contact Lexii Lenoire inworld if there be any issues, or find my page on facebook, "Owl Seven" :
Just some of many virtual goods in sinespace!

You can create and obtain items like this as part of our community. If you want to check it out, signing up is free, and we have a fantastic set of virtual world developer tools to play with!