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Lamp spotlight series

Pack of 20 variations of same small portable lamp - each one with different color plus 3 color-animated with whole spectrum ("Polychrome").

Light Design 02

Stand up light with box shape gray shade.

Light Design 03

Stand up light with box shape shade in white.

Stage Lights Bundle

Working Stage Lights for your photo booth, music studio or theater

Siden Table Lamp (A)

Aprox 70cm tall with a short radius spot light (1 meter range). This lamp is bolted directly to a surface and not free standing (But you can put it anywhere, that just the visuals of the object).

Light Design 04

Stand up white light with upward facing shade.

Light Design 01

Tall stand up light with open round grey shade.

Crackling Campfire

A crackling campfire provides warmth and light. For the ground or patio. Add seating with De Landria Creations cushions or sit logs!
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