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Rustica - Gothic Armchair (Spa

A gothic armchair for your personal use, free from Rustica! NOTE: This item is 'spawned' rather than placed using the furniture system.

Bar Chair Style 03

Bar Chair style o3

Modern Bar Chair

Modern Bar Chair

Round Seat Dining chair

A dining chair with a round Seat. Worn/well used look with a simple sit animation

Dining chair (Rung)

A dining chair with step rungs on the front. Worn /damaged look.Chair has a simple sitting pose sit placement can be a bit of depending on your avatars height.

Oasis (Chair)

Comes in rich red shade which enhances the ambience no matter where it is placed The Swivel mechanism enables the sofa to rotate at 360 degree with relative ease.

Boomerang (Chair)

This sofa chair can be used for multiple seating activities Formal seating at living room or causal seating at bedroom and balcony.

Postmodern Back Chair (Blue)

A simple armless backchair of remarkably effective but austere design. Uses the Sine Space room furniture system.
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