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Steel Cage

STEEL CAGE drag the 2 handles to change size and height! *requires a Sinespace viewer that supports Archimatix runtime models (2018.7b5-beta)

Elegant Garden House

A beautiful glass garden house for a greenhouse, a sun room, or a summer party house. Rich mahogany wood framing fine pinewood floors. Doors open on touch and auto close. Place as furniture with edit tools.

Brick House Bundle

No description.

Lofted Stone Cottage

Oversized - Resizeable. Lofted stone cottage with large windows fireplace. Door opens on touch, auto closes. Stand back or use Flythrough Camera View when placing on floor.

Simple Yellow House

Just a simple house. Extra Large base to allow for uneven terrain, resizeable to fit your space.

Interiors House Bundle

No description.

Open Square House Bundle

No description.

Simple Building Bundle

No description.
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