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Roll In Place

by An Odd Set Of Values

Curl up and roll in the air! This animation loops and you can move around while it's activated.

More information

  • person Created by An Odd Set Of Values A verified sinespace developer
  • event Last Update This last updated August 7, 2018 at 4:17am UTC. This item receives automatic updates.
  • file_download Size This item is 0.03mb, and will take approximately 0 seconds to fully load via streaming.
  • people Purchasers This item has been rated 0 times by users, and given 0.0 stars


  • G 20 Gold Approximately $0.20 USD
  • S 50000 Silver Earn silver by completing activities inworld!


This item has not yet been rated by a purchaser. Only verfied purchasers can rate this item.

How to purchase

  1. Log in to the sinespace application
  2. Click the 'Shop' button on the lower tabs bar
  3. Search for Roll In Place
  4. Click the 'Buy' button

How to use this item

  1. Log in to sinespace
  2. Click the 'Inventory' button
  3. Click on this item
  4. Click 'Use'

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