Non-Player Character Support

space has full support for setting up NPC characters rendered with our standard avatar system - you can even combine them with scripting to have free-roaming agents in your regions.

Alternatively use them with our quest tools to make them agents within you narratives. Our NPC tools are easy to work with - simply dress up your avatar as you want the NPC to appear, save the outfit, and insert the outfit ID into your scene components to create a fully functional NPC that you can then animate or control.

Easy-to-Use Quests Tool

We have a solid node-based Quest Designer that requires zero programming knowledge to build narrative arcs that sell your story or experience. These are shown to users inworld using standard MMO-style quest interfaces.

Quickly combine activities, our startables system and the basic dialogue and cutscene nodes in order to tell complex stories easily with minimal effort.

Branch your nodes using the branch node in order to create multiple paths through your storyline, or give the power of decisions to your players.

Cutscenes and Dialogues

Use either our built-in Dialogue quest node to create multiple animations, camera angles and other components for building RPG-style dialogue; or use the officially supported USequencer extension to Unity (requires a copy of USequencer) to upload complex animated cutscenes and experiences.

We'll also be adding official support for Unity's new Timeline editor when it releases during 2017 which will bring the functionality of USequencer without the need for third party extensions.

Our built-in Dialogue system also supports many features needed for complex well featured cutscenes, including audio and lipsyncing. The built-in canvas for displaying cutscene options is also fully customisable as part of the region.