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Modern House

A simple modern house for Space Users.

Modern House (Small)

The default house for new Users.

Neo Club Template

Perfect for your club or private venue


MetroCity is an abstract 3D skyline around an open 100sq/m "floor". Build a VR showroom or host a kaiju battle! Scenery has no colliders but is fun to fly through. Dramatic Day-Night Cycle every 25min with sky and fog. Less than 7MB

Siden Asylum (Basic)

Basic version of the Asylum building from my 'Siden' Project. *Warning, Its dark, a torch may be needed* Not extras(No changable materials,No light changers ect)
Just some of many virtual goods in sinespace!

You can create and obtain items like this as part of our community. If you want to check it out, signing up is free, and we have a fantastic set of virtual world developer tools to play with!