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Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dress in jersey

Marisol Dress

A flirty little sequined party dress with bold graphics, designed to give a smile and turn heads. Created with shiny metallic sequins, it will glint and gleam as the lights play across all of your curves. A low-cut halter style, mini length dress, with just a bit of flare. Features high quality model, advanced materials and cloth physics (where available).

Daisy Swimming Costume (Navy)

Get ready to jump into the water with this lovely Daisy swimming costume.

Sleeveless Catsuit

A Sexy Sleeveless Catsuit in many colors to coordinate as a costume or for your stealthy attendance at SineSpace's many fun events. B.Rene Gade Fashion and Accessories


Cindy night dress - Ratings are not mandatory, but highly appreciated!

Pacifica Bikini Collection

The Pacifica bikini is made of stretchy fabric for a comfortable fit and is a perfect fit for your avatar. The collection include all 8 colors (4 tropical and 4 metallic) for a total of 16 pieces for female avatars to wear any way you want.

Summer Dress

A summer dress to wear while exploring SineSpace. Has physics enabled around the skirt-tail so may be skin poking thru during movement. Try preview before purchasing. From B.Rene Gade Fashions and Accessories.

Mirabelle Wrap Dress

A classic sleeveless wrap dress. Features high quality model, advanced materials, and cloth physics (where available).
Just some of many virtual goods in sinespace!

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