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HMY Blue Bed (Spawnable)

A simple bed. NOTE: This item is 'spawned' rather than placed using the furniture system.

Squadro (Bed)

Queen bed in engineered wood Pull out understorage for easy accesibilty magical movement of circles formed by raindrops falling on water.The colour speak of elements in a natural landscape that are strong and enduring. The graphically enhanced panels emanate a dreamy, hypnotic calm, much deserved after an eventful day. Queen bed in engineered wood Metal understruture to add strength Pull out understorage for easy accesibilty Designer headboard and footboard to add aesthetics Asthetically appealing designer headboard and footboard

Florid (Bed)

King size double bed, Front opening storage space in the headboard along with a pull out storage under the bed and a multi utility rack on top of the headboard

Long Bed Type 8

No description.

Morpheus (Bed)

The entire structure is made up of steel, providing strength durabilty. Comes with understorage .

Long Bed Type 10

No description.

Long Bed Type 4

No description.

[TC] Noir - Queen Bed

Disclaimer: Noir is a limited release item, that is only available for a select period of time, for Gold only. These items are NOT guaranteed to be resold after the time period ends. This is done to increase the value for owners. Introducing the brand new line from TsuraCorp, this stunning work of man has been designed to give a sleek and sophisticated appeal to those seeking comfort, without sacrificing beauty. Noir, by TsuraCorp. Darkness has never looked so beautiful.
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