Luscious Pirate Outfit Blue

by BlakOpal Designs
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Be ready for adventure with our Luscious Pirate Outfit. This bundle for female avatars includes 6 coordinated pieces you can wear together or mix and match with other pieces to create your own unique look. Youll get a short-cropped jacket with sleeves removed, featuring wide buttoned lapels, and epaulets with gold chains around the arms. The bustier features a strapless top stitched up in the most awesome metallic tone-on-tone patterned brocade, and trimmed with lace and piping. The Luscious Pirate Mini-Skirt is made of strips of fabrics have been loosely arranged and sewn together with the finest duchess satin to form a skimpy mini skirt. The garter is a two-tone sheer lace boy-short panty with garter straps and featuring wide fishnet stockings. You also get long over-the-elbow fingerless gloves and a gothic, tribal tattoo that features a skull-heart on the chest, and flourishes across your belly. The entire ensemble features high quality models, advanced materials, and cloth physics (where available).

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