Carnival Fishing Game

by Chimeric Arts
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Furniture > Game Unisex 18.06mb

Test your skill and try to catch as many fish as possible in this customizable fishing game. Up to five people can play at once and several leaderboards keep track of the top scores and other stats. Win tickets to trade for prizes hanging on shelves and scattered on the ground around the game! Each different color of fish behaves differently and is worth a different amount of points: Red - 40 points Green - 30 points Yellow - 20 points Blue - 10 point Catching multiple fish without missing will increase a combo bonus multiplier which will be applied to points as you earn them. The owner and admins can reset the leaderboards and change the music volume by accessing a panel on the back of the rock formation. Music - "Dvorak Polka" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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