ST Bandit

by Stark-Tech
G 800
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Vehicle > Car Unisex 3.73mb

The ST Bandit is a fully functional on and off-road vehicle. It comes complete with the following features: -Four wheel drive -High and low gears -Operable headlights, taillights, and brake lights (networked) -Horn (networked) -Passenger seat -Two camera modes: Follow cam and driver cam -Recover and recall functions, in case you get stuck -Rear view mirror/camera -Analog and digital speedometer (currently in MPH... km/h coming soon) -Engine start, stop, and running sounds (networked) -Suspension sounds for hard hits -Directional compass for navigation -And most importantly, performance and handling tuning to actually be semi-realistic and fun to drive Keyboard controls for the additional vehicle functions: o (L) Lights o (B) Horn o (1) High Gear o (2) Low Gear o (V) Toggle camera view o (Backspace) Recover o (Delete) Delete vehicle

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