ST Bandit

by Stark-Tech
G 800
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Vehicle > Car Unisex 5.47mb

The ST Bandit is a fully functional on and off-road vehicle. It comes complete with the following features: -Four wheel drive -High and low gears -Operable headlights, taillights, and brake lights (networked) -Horn (networked) -Passenger seat -Two camera modes: Follow cam and driver cam -Recover function, in case you get stuck off-roading -Rear view mirror/camera -Analog and digital speedometer (currently in MPH... km/h coming soon) -Engine start, stop, and running sounds (networked) -Suspension sounds for hard hits -Directional compass for navigation -And most importantly, performance and handling tuning to actually be semi-realistic and fun to drive Keyboard controls for the additional vehicle functions: o (L) Lights o (B) Horn o (R) Recover o (1) High Gear o (2) Low Gear o (V) Toggle camera view o (Delete) Delete vehicle ***SPECIAL NOTE*** This vehicle, while fully functional, is still a work in progress. Some more features may be added in the future, and the model and textures will also be improved. The vehicle has been listed in the shop in it's current state due to the interest from the community and to provide access while it is being finalized. If you have any feedback, feel free to get in touch with Carsten Stark. Thank you!

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