Midnight Phantasia

by The Enigma Mers O.
G 125
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Clothes > General Female 0.08mb

A fanciful myriad of ethereal northern lights-like colors, swirlies and dots - It's gotten its name from a special, particular realization - That is its creation time came into patterns that sequenced only in the wee hours of the morning, the 3 sessions of creation for the textures happened past the clock's stroke of midnight. c: Midnight Phantasia: The first eye and lip makeup combo coming with love, from yours truly ~ The Enigma Mers O. |Loosen up your grasp of reality, fade through the cloudless star lit skies of endless possibilities as the colors of imagination dance as living flames around you. | High quality, original hand painted design in 4k resolution. - comes in 9 cosmic shades. Released: 6/22/2022 Texture quality depends on your settings. ((This is designed for the female skeleton.))

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