Open Prairie

by punkstertpd
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Region > Landscapes Unisex 41.99mb

Large region with small cleared area for your buildings and other objects. The grass in this region is pretty tall so grass will poke through your builds unless you have them on a platform high enough. I've greated a grassy hill object that fits into the region well. It can be used to place houses and other objects. Search Grassy Hill in shop. The grass sways There are: 11 trees scattered through out 10 rocks/boulders 5 bushes Does not come with skybox so I would use the sky options in the Edit Region, and adjust that to your liking You can view a video of this region on Youtube Search Punkster You can view more photos of this region on my facebook page Search Punkster TPD Size: 43MB Credit to: NOBIAX/YUGHUES For bushes ALP for grass and flowers MANUFACTURA K4 for rocks and boulders

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