Daz Viking Raider Shoulder

by Daz Originals
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Clothes > Accessory Male 5.99mb

From the Daz "Viking Raider Outfit" Collection Live the saga with this highly detailed outfit. "In the search for the whale guarded sunstone, Kjaer surprises even himself with his craftsmen and skill as a sailor. During his travels, Kjaer rescues a ring, an heirloom belonging to Freja. But when Freja refuses to try fighting, their friendship is over However, Freja is wounded at the Battle of Assandun and the two reconcile just before Kjaer engages in some serious fighting. Kjaer accepts one of the three weathered sunstones and returns home a very wealthy man.." Purchase items individually or grab the full collection. Make sure you are wearing the individual item you wish to purchase. Complete collection includes: Daz Viking Raider Top Daz Viking Raider Tunic Daz Viking Raider Pants Daz Viking Raider Shoulder Daz Viking Raider Belt Daz Viking Raider Bracer Daz Viking Raider Shield Daz Viking Raider Axe Search Daz in Clothing Tab for more from this creator.

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