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How can I take a snapshot?

We have an inbuilt tool, Snapshot, to help you take cool snapshots and selfies. To take a snapshot, click on the Snapshot tab at the bottom. This will open the tool, and give you a few options. You can add a filter, change your avatars' pose, change the camera angle and add an overlay. You also have the option to capture the image as a GIF, or capture it as a 360 image.  Once you have chosen the settings you want, click on 'Take Photo'. You can then name the image, add a description and save it to your album in sinespace, or choose to save it to your computer. You can also check the 'Email' option to email it to someone. You can make the image your profile pic by clicking on 'Make Profile Pic'. If you didn't like the picture, you can choose to 'Retake Pic'. If you are happy with it, hit 'Save and Upload'. All images taken will be automatically saved to your sinespace album, which can be found under your Profile.