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How can I get my friend to my location?

You can get your friends to your location by clicking on “friends” button and then clicking upon your friend’s name. This will open a private chat with them now click on “teleport” button. This will teleport your friend to the region you are in once he accepts your request.

How can I remove people from my friends list?

To remove people from your friends list click on their name in the friends list. This will open up a private chat window click on Remove Friend button to remove them from you friends list.  

How can I talk to other people?

You can talk to other user inworld in public chat or in private message. To talk to other users in public chat click on the chat window at the bottom of your screen and type a message. Once done press the Enter key or the Send button.   To talk to other users using private chat click on the user and a private chat window will open. You can type your message and hit Enter key or the Send button to send the message.   If you have already added friends you can talk to them by clicking on the Friends button then click on your friend’s name. This will open the private chat window. You can also talk to other people in the same region as you by clicking into the region chat. The region chat will be have the name of the region, such as Welcome Center, so you can see which chat is regional.