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How can I purchase more clothes?

To purchase more clothes, click on the Shop button. Once inside the Shop, click on the Clothes tab if it is not already open. You can preview items you would like to purchase by clicking on the item picture or by clicking on the 'Preview' button. You can then choose to buy the item, and click on the 'Buy' button to purchase it. Clothing and accessories are available for Silver and Gold. 

How can I change my outfit?

To change your avatar’s outfit, click on the Outfit button. This will open the Outfit Window . To see all the clothes and accessories you have, click on the 'Open Wardrobe' button. This will open your inventory to show the clothes and accessories. To change your clothing, click on the top,bottom or any other item you want to wear and it will placed on your avatar. We do have a layering system in place, so you can wear multiple items of clothing at one time. Once you have chosen all the items you want to wear, click on the 'Save and Close' button to save your avatar and return to the region. 

How can I make a new Outfit?

We have an Outfit system which means you can create new Outfits to switch to and from. To make a new Outfit, click on the Outfit button. Once the Outfit window has opened, go to the left hand side and you will see there is a 'New Outfit' button. Click on this button. There will be two boxes, one that says 'Enter a Name' and another one saying 'Base Male'. Enter the name of the outfit, such as 'Outfit One', and then using the dropdown button next to 'Base Male', you can choose the outfit to be for 'Base Male' or 'Base Female'. Once you have done that, click on 'Create'. You can then change the hair, clothing and accessories on your avatar for this outfit, then 'Save and Close' to have this outfit always saved for whenever you want to use it.  You can also use the dropdown menu at the top to see all the outfits you have made, and use the 'Switch' button to switch to another outfit.